Hello from ヨガ.com


We’d like to invite you to join us in building a community-focused yoga website designed to educate and support yogis, both new and old, in all styles of yoga. To join in our initial phase of development, we ask for your participation in one or more of the opportunities listed below. For each, you will receive a payment (by PayPal) and a link to your website or social media page.


Write a short article that we can publish on our website. The article can be about any topic where you have expertise, such as an introduction to your favorite style of yoga, and must be at least 800 characters (about one page). Just send us your topic idea for approval before starting.

Pay: ¥2,000.


Complete a written interview to be published on our website. Interviews require three simple steps: (1) write answers to the required “Introduction” and “Free” questions from our questions list; (2) write answers to at least ten more questions from that list (or suggest new questions); and (3) send us at least one high resolution photo of yourself (minimum 1000px by 1000px). The photo can be a headshot or an “action” photo of you practicing yoga.

Pay: ¥2,000.

Video Interview

Complete a video interview to be published on our website. Video interviews require the exact same steps as the written interview, except instead of writing your answers for steps 1 and 2, you record them on video. Smart phone video is sufficient and it can be done “selfie” style (see video interview guidelines).

Pay: ¥4,000.


Help keep us up to date on news and events in your area of expertise. This simply involves sending us links to high quality news and articles from around the web, along with a two or three sentence summary of your thoughts on the article.

Pay: ¥200 per link.

Getting Started

You do not have to do all of the above and you don’t have to do them in the order above. If you might be interested, please contact us and let us know how you’d like to get started!