List Your Event


Adding events to ヨガ.com is free! If you’d like to get some extra promotion for your next event, please consider listing your event with us. We promote events through our website’s event page as well as our social media presence. We also keep a list of past events so that people can comment on and see pictures of past events – it is a great way for people to start getting excited about your future events!

If you would like to list your event, please gather the information below and then contact us and we will provide you with instructions on how to submit your event for publication.

Required Information:

  1. Event Name
  2. Start/End Date
  3. Start/End Time
  4. Short description of the event (3-5 sentences)
  5. Event Address (physical)
  6. Event Address (website URL) – a link where users can get more info about the event, typically either a dedicated website for the event or the event sponsor’s website.
  7. One Hi-resolution photo – must be at least 960 pixels on at least one side. This can be an event photo or a one from the sponsoring company, their studio, someone important in the event, or pictures from previous similar events.

Optional Information:

  1. The address name, for example this could be a park or building name, sports center name, etc.
  2. Access instructions for the address – e.g. how to approach, where to enter, etc. This will be included with the physical address.
  3. Social media links for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.
  4. A contact phone number
  5. A contact Email (please note, posting an email address on the web can generated unwanted spam)
  6. Additional photos (these must also be hi-resolution)
  7. Videos (the video(s) must already be posted to YouTube and allow embedding)
  8. A list of tags